this is too good

Finn Jones (of Game of Thrones) on which female celebrity he’d like to come on the show.

Has anyone else noticed that February 2015 is the perfect month?






Have fun cleaning that shit up after you bathe in it


"I’ve got one of those bucket lists. I want to drive a race car. I wanted to join the Air Force, but that was just so I could jump out of an airplane, with a parachute— but not from too high though. Just medium high. I also want to go up in a balloon, because that looks fun. And also I want to do that thing where you’re holding onto that kite-looking-thing while it goes through the air. Then I want to catch one of those big fish with the thing coming out of its nose, where they have to strap you to a chair so you can reel it in. My friend says I’m too old for that, but I think I can do it."